Winelco Inc. specializes in the construction of water and wastewater treatment facilities exclusively.  This focus offers maximum value to our customers and partners.  Through this specialization, Winelco’s core team of project managers and superintendents provide project stakeholders an added level of assurance that the project will be completed under budget, on schedule, and with the least possible disruption to ongoing plant operations.  Winelco takes great pride in the quality of our final product.

Self Performed Work:  Winelco self performs all sitework, demolition, process piping, mechanical work, specialized concrete work.

Safety:  Winelco's employees are our single most important asset and therefore we hold safety as a core value of the company.  We have an excellent EMR rating and OSHA safety record.  All field personnel hold at a minimum OSHA 10 hour safety cards and are certified in First Aid and CPR.  All employees are trained on job specific hazards such as confined space entry, trenching and shoring safety, etc.

Sample of Past Projects

Job: PUB WTP Renovations

Customer: Clermont County
Architect/Engineer: Hazen & Sawyer
Completion Date: 2/26/2013
Project Cost: $449,000

Job: Southwest Regional WWTP Improvements
Customer: Clark County, OH
Architect/Engineer: Hazen & Sawyer
Completion Date: October 2012
Project Cost: $1,190,000

Job: WTP Improvements
Customer: Village of Glendale, OH
Architect/Engineer: Hazen & Sawyer
Completion Date: October 2012
Project Cost: $1,115,000

Job: Southwest Pumping Station
Customer: City of St. Marys, OH
Architect/Engineer: Arcadis U.S., Inc.
Completion Date: September 2012
Project Cost: $760,000

Job: Bolton Sanitary Sewer System
Customer: Greater Cincinnati Water Works
Architect/Engineer: HDR Engineering, Inc.
Completion Date: 6/15/2012
Project Cost: $450,000

Job: WWTP Facilities
Customer: City of Warsaw, KY
Architect/Engineer: William H Meadows
Completion Date: June 2011
Project Cost: $2,677,000

Job: WWTP Flow Equalization
Customer: City of Blancheser, OH
Architect/Engineer: CDM
Completion Date: March 2010
Project Cost: $1,430,000

Job: 6 Pump Station Replacements
Customer: City of Maysville, KY
Architect/Engineer: Cann-Tech
Completion Date: April 2009
Project Cost: $585,000

Job: Lamella Pretreatment Settling Replacement
Customer: Greater Cincinnati Water Works, OH
Architect/Engineer: Greater Cincinnati Water Works
Completion Date: April, 2009
Project Cost: $1,145,000

Job: WWTP Pumping Improvements
Customer: City of Bloomfield, KY
Architect/Engineer: Strand Associates
Completion Date: September 2008
Project Cost: $360,000

Job: Water Treatment Plant Softener Replacement
Customer: Village of Indian Hill, OH
Architect/Engineer: Arcadis
Completion Date: June 2008
Project Cost: $280,000

Job: Ripple Creek Pump Station Improvements
Customer: Northern Kentucky Water District, KY
Architect/Engineer: Malcolm Pirnie
Completion Date: June 2008
Project Cost: $167,000

Job: Kruger WWTP Oxidation Ditch System
Customer: Village of Hanover, OH
Architect/Engineer: ADR & Associates
Completion Date: September 2007
Project Cost: $1,664,000

Job: New 80,000 GPD Extended Aeration WWTP & Admin Bldg.
Customer: Village of Alexandria, OH
Architect/Engineer: URS, Engineering
Completion Date: February 2007
Project Cost: $1,750,000

Job: Water in Basement Prevention Program
Customer: Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, OH
Architect/Engineer: Stantec, Inc.
Completion Date: 2005 through Ongoing
Project Cost: $3,000,0000



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