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Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

As much of the Midwest's sewer and water infrastructure reaches its 50 year life expectancy, drain, water and sewer line repair has become a national priority.  Winelco is well positioned with its extensive knowledge of the Tri-State region and its residential collection systems to solve your unique problems..  

Our process is customer driven:

  1. Use a specialized video camera to instpect the entire length of pipe to determine its overall condition
  2. Provide the customer with an accurate assessment any problems using data obtained from visible above ground symptoms and underground camera results
  3. Make recommendations for remediation
  4. Consult with owner on how they would prefer to move forward
  5. Excavate and replace the pipe section with minimal damage to the yard or replace the entire line if needed to prevent further problems

Sewer Line Cleaning / Jetting

Winelco owns and operates a range sewer and drain cleaning equipment to unclog sewer lines ranging in size from 2" - 24".  Care is taken to select the appropriate solution and ensure the least disturbance to the customers home or property.

  • Indoor Mechanical Sewer Snakes
  • Outdoor Mechanical Sewer Snakes
  • High Pressure Water Jetters

City Sewer Taps

As Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District expands its area of operation and requires residents to tap into city sewer lines, professional contracting service is needed to ensure proper connections at the residents point of entry.  Winelco is a certified sewer tapper for MSD and has been providing this top quality service to our customers for many years. We guarantee your job will meet MSD compliance at a competitive cost. 

  • Septic tank pumping and abandonment
  • Handle all health department regulations
  • Utilize yard friendly machinery to minimize disturbance
  • Pinpoint all lines to ensure minimize digging area
  • Tap into city sewer main
  • Warrant all work to be defect free

Ask about Winelco's neighborhood discounts available for job groupings.

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