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  Residential Aerobic Treatment Systems



Aerobic treatment means oxygen, or air, is used by micro-organisms to break down and treat sewage wastes.  Air can be  introduced into the aeration tank compartment by a mechanical aerator such as in a Cavitette, Jet, Multi-Flo or Singulaire system.  In these systems, as the rotor, vane, or aspirator spins in the water, it creates a pressure drop and air is drawn down through the hollow stainless steel air tube and dispersed into the aeration tank by the mixing action of the aerator.  In forced air systems such as in a Coate Air or Oldham system, air is forced into the aeration tank by an air compressor or blower through an air diffuser pipe, and mixing occurs from the rolling action and turbulence created by the air moving up through the aeration tank. 

The naturally present micro-organisms will thrive in an environment where air, water and sewage are mixed and will consume the sewage, turning it into more of their own cells or bodies.  This biomass is separated from the water by settling in the clarifier compartment.  The settled material is returned to the aeration tank through either a pipe or a slot in the tank wall and the clear treated water remaining is discharged to a stream.  Most aerobic systems are gravity fed where if a gallon of raw sewage enters the tank through the inlet line, a gallon of treated sewage leaves the tank through the discharge pipe.

History of Aerobic Systems in Southwest Ohio

The high clay content in the soils of Southwest Ohio and the high water table frequently make traditional septic tanks with leach fields inadvisable  to use.  The tight clay particles do not allow water to percolate into the ground at a reliable rate.  In order to discharge into a stream the wastewater must be treated to a higher degree than what a septic tank is capable of.  Aerobic treatment systems were introduced in the late 1950’s and were heavily used through the late 1980’s to allow development in un-sewered areas to occur.  Cavitette and Jet were the earliest residential aerobic treatment systems in the area. 


It has been demonstrated that systems under regular maintenance outperform those systems which are unchecked.  Winelco Inc. has been offering service agreements since 1960.  We can provide service on the treatment system, clear or replace blocked or damaged lines and provide tank pumping.  Although we cannot guarantee discharge quality, we can insure that the system is operating to the best of its capability.

Homeowner Do's & Dont's

  1. Try to space out laundry loads to avoid too much flow through the system at one time.
  2. Be conservative in the amount of soaps, detergents and cleaning solutions used.
  3. Use a nylon stocking over the washing machine discharge hose to trap line before it enters the system.
  4. Do not put grease down the drain.
  5. Try to limit food wastes down the disposal or drain.
  6. Do not put cloth, plastic, rubber or latex products through the system.  Any non-biodegradable solid objects can impair the system.
  7. Aerobic systems utilize living micro-organisms to provide treatment.  Avoid introducing any toxic material such as paint, solvents, and harsh chemicals to the system.
  8. Conserve water to avoid overloading the system. 
  9. Keep the lid on the access compartments clear. 
  10. If you have not hear the unit run for a long time or if you notice an unusual odor in the yard call Winelco Inc.  If the motor is not operating, partially or untreated sewage is being discharged to the stream.

Have Winelco Inc. check and maintain the system regularly.   A Maintenance Agreement is highly recommended to insure proper operation.  Call (513) 755-8050 for service.




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