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What is an Advanced System?

Advanced On-site treatment is utilized when city sewers are unavailable. On-site treatment systems first treat the wastewater then either dispose of the treated effluent into the ground or if permited, directly into recieving surface waters.  On-site treatment helps to recharge groundwater supplies and avoids discharge permitting to waters of the state.  In recent years many counties and states have strongly encouraged the development of on-site treatment systems, particularly for residential applications. Advances in technology allow Winelco to now monitor and make adjustments 24/7 from a remote location such as our office.

For information regarding your county's requirements for a new home system or upgrading an existing system please visit their respective web site.

Hamilton County
Clermont County
Warren County
Butler County

Design & Installation

You must check with your local health department to determine which systems are approved for your county.  Winelco recomends Orenco's Advantex System.  Locally Advantex systems are supplied by Eco-System Supply.  For more information contact Bill Wehrmann at (513) 769-4900


As the leading service provider and contract operator in Greater Cincinnati since 1958, Winelco has stepped into the role of servicing the next generation of Advanced home sewage treatment systems. 

Winelco Service Contract fulfilles county requirements

Winelco is an authorized service provider for Orenco Advantex Products, Biomicrobics Fast, and American Drip. 

Winelco is a certified EPA laboratory and offers complete NPDES sampling and testing services to satisfy the regulatory requirements of your system.  For information click here

Please go to our Service page for more information regarding the services below

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance checks
  • Off-site remote monitoring
  • Equipment repair (Pump, UV, Controls)
  • General Trouble Shooting & Repair
  • Sludge Pumping and Disposal

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