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Winelco staffs 10-15 highly trained Class I, II, III,  EPA Certified Wastewater and Water Treatment System Operators.

More Than Just EPA Certified Operators

When signing an operating contract with Winelco Inc. you truly hire a business partner dedicated to minimizing your expenses and maximizing the life of your wastewater and/or water utilities. Our operators combine their talents and years of experience to network and consult with one another to help solve specific problems. You not only have the experience of one operator working in your behalf, but rather an entire staff of operators with experience in all facets of operation and maintenance including:

  • Electric & Control Panels
  • Tanks, Clarifiers, Airheaders, Diffusers
  • Process Piping
  • Pumps: Centrifugal, Pos Displacement
  • Motors and Blowers
  • UV Disinfection; Bar Screens, Weirs
  • Chemical Feed Systems
  • Pump Stations

Benefits of Winelco Contract Operation

In order to keep wastewater and water treatment systems in compliance with their respective EPA permits, general maintenance and experienced operation is necessary. 

However, hiring a full time operator is not always a financially feasible or necessary option.  Even when it is financially feasible, retaining an experienced licensed operator may prove difficult. 

Winelco has found great success in acting as your in-house wastewater and water treatment plant operator and consultant.  Our reputation for outstanding service and results will leave you rest assured that your system operates to its peak capability, ultimately minimizing compliance issues. 

Other benefits of Winelco's contract service include:

  • Cost Savings
    -Save on personnel salaries
    -We find and fix problems before they escalate into substantial costs
    -Preventive maintenance provides equipment longevity
  • Time Savings
    -Complete NPDES lab testing
    -Submit all EPA monthly operating reports
  • Access To a Comprehensive Range of Services
    -replacement Parts, Parts Fabrication, Line Cleaning, Equipment Repair, Design Engineering, etc
  • Peace of Mind
    -Winelco's reputation for integrity, competence, and creativity keeps you worry free about the quality of our service
    -We treat and care for each individual system as though it were our own

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