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Construction & Repair

Winelco Inc. has extensive experience in the layout, construction and repair/replacement of wastewater and water utility lines ranging in size from 1" - 20". 

  • Sewer Line and Manhole Installation
  • Sanitary and Storm Sewers
  • Location and Mapping of existing sewer systems
  • Trench Excavation or Boring
  • Video Camera Inspection with track driven camera
  • Water Distribution Lines-  new and retrofit

We perform a complete assessment of each situation and consult with the customer to determine the most appropriate solution to their needs.

Sewer Line Cleaning

Winelco operates a 10 gpm, 3,000 psi trailer water jetter capable of cleaning single pipe runs of up to 500ft ranging from 4" - 24" in diameter.

Inflow and Infiltration Studies (I&I)

Winelco has been performing Inflow and Infiltration studies for our customers since 2001 as a result of stricter EPA regulations.

I&I Studies include the following work:

  • Clean all sewer lines with a high pressure water jetter
  • Run camera through all sewer lines documenting each section of pipe with evidence of water infiltration
  • Record the entire sewer camera session on DVD or VHS
  • Inspect all manholes and investigate any other above ground areas where rain runoff may flow directly into the sewer system
  • Complete a detailed report documenting all located problem areas and provide recommendations for remediation
  • Submit report to owner, and if necessary, relevant regulatory agencies 

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