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Pumping and Liquid Waste Hauling

Efficient equipment and conscientious, experienced personnel provide you with the most value for your dollar. Sludge removal is necessary at treatment plants for a variety of reasons.  Sludge, or biomass is constantly being produced in a healthy system.  The volume of this material periodically needs to be reduced and hauling it away to an approved municipal treatment facility is typically how this is accomplished. 

Sludge removal involves much more than dropping a hose in a tank and waiting for the truck to fill.  Our vacuum truck operators will make sure that the heaviest concentrations of biomass are being removed from your system, not water.  They will take the extra time and provide the extra effort required to make sure you are paying for sludge hauling not water hauling. 

If you have sludge hauling needs on a routine basis Winelco Inc. offers discounted Service Agreements in Ohio, Northern Kentucky, & Southeast Indiana.

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