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Custom Designed Wastewater and Water Systems

Winelco custom designs wastewater and water treatment systems ranging in size from 1000 to 300,000 gallons per day and up. 

Winelco Inc. has gained a competitive advantage in the design of wastewater treatment package plants by our having operated the entire spectrum of systems on the market for the past 40 years.   Our design strategy is simple and effective:  utilize the most reliable technologies, never over engineer, keep moving/mechanical parts to an absolute minimum, and never compromise on quality.  We ensure each system is simple to operate and appropriately sized to keep operating expenses to an absolute minimum.

Winelco customers have the advantage of working directly with our Principals who coordinate the design and construction.  The entire team works in parallel to ensure compliance with EPA requirements at the most economical cost.

New Construction / Upgrades/ Retrofitting

Winelco is able to provide a complete turnkey service with expertise in

  • excavation
  • precast concrete tanks
  • poured-in-place concrete tanks
  • steel tanks
  • process piping/plumbing
  • electric
  • in house parts fabrication
  • motors/blowers/pumps

Winelco has the capability to self perform all construction in house and employs full time project managers to ensure completion on time and under budget.   In addition to new installations, the team has considerable experience in upgrading aging or inadequate systems and consequently has acquired a reputation for creative, cost saving solutions to complex on-site problems. 


Once a system has been installed to the approved specifications, Winelco provides training to the local maintenance personnel along with an operations manual.  In the majority of cases the customer will choose Winelco for regular service.          . 

Warranty Information

Winelco stands behind all of its work 100%, with no exceptions.  In the rare instance that a problem reveals itself down the road that was our fault, Winelco takes it upon itself to fix the problem right away.  No expense to the customer.  

Our success is founded in our good name and reputation.  References can be provided upon request.

Contact: Mike Ullman
Winelco Engineering
(513) 755-8050



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